Type of Lenses for Glasses
Time: 2022-07-20

Glasses are worn all over the world and, ultimately, lenses are what allow us to see that world. But there are lots of different styles and types of lens for glasses. This will give you the opportunity to choose which type is best for you.

High Index Lenses

High Index Lenses have given many distance-sighted wearers a fresh new look. Before we had these sleek lenses, nearsighted people were forced to where thick, clonking lenses for their glasses, and farsighted folks had to wear large lenses that distorted the appearance of their eye. Due to breakthroughs in optical research and lens manufacturing, we are able to see near and far with these thin and stylish lenses.


Bifocals are built with luxury in mind. By using this lens, you can focus on both near and far things all at the same time. They are constructed with a smaller magnifying lens near the bottom of the overall lens for maximum convenience.

Progressive Lenses

These lenses take the convenience of the bifocal a step further. Progressive lenses utilize only one lens with numerous focal curves, but they also allow you to see just as clearly as both lenses of the bifocal.

Sunglass Lenses

Whether at the beach or at the golf club, sunglass lenses create a perfect shield from the sun's rays. They form UV protection through polarized polycarbonate to both keep your eyes healthy--and your face from squinting.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are your indoor/outdoor alternative to regular lenses and sunglasses. These unique lenses have the ability to change from clear to UV protecting in seconds. Glass was initially used in the making of them, but as technology progressed, plastic lenses proved to be just as effective, and significantly lowered the cost and weight of them.