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3C era, an essential anti-blue glasses


Blu-ray studies for the international community has continued for almost 20 years, but until recent years was found in joint research Heidelberg University and the German Academy of Ophthalmology is caused by high-energy short-wave blue variety of modern human eye symptoms culprit. This hidden for centuries demons finally opened a mysterious veil, before the storm all the world.
Blu-ray is an important part of the visible light, nature does not have a separate white, blue and green, yellow mixture exhibits white light. Green and yellow less energy, less eye irritation, Blu-ray wavelength of 400 ~ 500nm high-energy visible light, the wavelength of the light source in the prevalence of digital products generated screen. Long-term use, can easily cause dry eyes, fatigue, regulate power drops. Even more serious is that the amount of toxins in the macular region increased blue eye make serious threat to our eyes healthy.
So, for us normal people, the barrier prolonged exposure to blue light is the most effective way to reduce the damage, but have used the anti-blue glasses can effectively solve this, ordinary glasses can filter UV radiation and certain electromagnetic radiation, and not filter blue light. Special anti-blue glasses will not only be able to effectively isolate the ultraviolet radiation and blue light to filter to fit in when you look at the computer or TV to use, can greatly reduce the blue eye irritation, eliminate eye soreness, pain, fever or other symptoms, relieve eye fatigue.