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The next spring of optical lens: TV


Product mix and production of optical lenses seem simple, so in recent years to attract many electronics manufacturers jumped. Hon Hai had bought the Premier, is to entering the field of optics. Hon Hai Group's three camps now, is Wei Group's brilliance Branch, three not five o'clock came product development or orders spoils, can be seen in the optical lens fascinating place.
However, in the field of optics can make a specific profit performance, access to international brands in a new light lens manufacturers, but it is always a handful. In front of the most representative is the second largest supplier of apple shot Dali light, jade crystal light, again is Microsoft somatosensory gaming giant lens supplier of new families.
The key factor is the optical lens from product design to manufacturing process, in fact, involve a lot of technical content. Not only will directly affect the degree of mold well to (lenses, lens) the degree of sophisticated products, lens design and lens-forming conditions, such as temperature, humidity, etc., and even the number of seconds molded lens material (each may be different ), will affect the quality of the lens products, namely the so-called yield. Because of the higher optical lens manufacturing process and technical difficulty, so optical lens groups for a long time, the stock market has enjoyed a relatively high price-earnings ratio.
In addition to the lens, the lens, further comprising automated, requires optical technology. Optics can be used mobile phones, cameras, game consoles, monitors, car electronics, etc., and even many unknown application surface. Optical lens of the eye is like a product, which is installed CMOS or CCD sensor module can be applied to the entire image visible, invisible, the two fields.
Among them, the visible part of the application refers to directly read data on posters, people see images or photographs, such as camera phones, digital cameras, invisible application part as game consoles (consoles lens to read the data is not directly people watching, but the incoming machine), television. Due to the different objects, so visible and invisible two applications of the lens, the design of the product itself, the size, technology, there are basically very different.
Generally believed that the television lens used, the space may be useful for future growth opportunities. Mainly because the current TV application uses several lenses, such as gestures, facial recognition and so on, these features and somatosensory gaming lens used, somewhat similar to the part of the lens manufacturers have experience.
New Giant Branch in market share over the last laptop lens, had reached more than 30 percent, considered the largest laptop lens suppliers. Later, the new Giant Branch although there are plans to withdraw some of the notebook camera market, but in the somatosensory game consoles lens market has made new opportunities, which makes the new Giant Branch in the television cameras this new application areas, it looks quite competitive conditions.
Dali light in recent years, although the mobile phone camera-based, but with a large set of light profitability point of view, perhaps it is because of the large vertical light overall production capacity is limited, so it is no spare capacity to serve the orders for other applications. In fact, a large set of light in the past had once served television use lens, the lens certified by somatosensory game consoles, which allow the company to break into the television cameras for the future supply chain, the same confidence.
However, smart television cameras inside the market, Taiwan factory in the end there is no chance, or to split into two, the first is what smart TV will become the mainstream of the new generation of television, the successful launch of (TV) replacement tide, also or, after all, only a small minority of goods, is still uncertain. In addition, even when the smart TV into mainstream television product specifications, Taiwan lens vendors will not be mainstream (suppliers), but also difficult to say.
Especially now that promote smart TV products, the Department of Korean brand Samsung, LG most active, Apple introduced a new generation of voice despite rumors somatosensory TV, but no later than the following, as Chinese TV brands sourcing trend is elusive, Japanese brands TV sales retreat. What TV product applications in optical lens will really begin when the fermentation? Just wait and see.