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Different Qualities of Lenses for Glasses


It used to be that eyeglass lenses were made of heavy and fragile glass that scratched easily. Today, with the advancement in technology, lenses are made of plastic materials that make them lighter and more scratch resistant.
1.Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses can be made from plastic or glass. They are able to change from clear to varying levels of darkness when exposed to sun light. Use of these lenses prohibits the need for sunglasses.
2.Polycarbonate Lenses
These lenses are highly scratch resistant and provide protection from ultra violet light. They are made of a plastic material that makes them very light weight. In addition, their durability makes these lenses a wise choice for those who play sports or work where their glasses may get broken or scratched.
3.Trivex Lenses
Trivex lenses are a step up from polycarbonate lenses. They are lightweight and provide the same durability and ultra violet light protection as polycarbonate but, in some instances, provide better vision correction.
4.High Index Plastic Lenses
High index plastic lenses are thin and lightweight, which makes them a wise choice for individuals with a stronger prescription. The lenses are thinner than the thick glass "Coke bottle" lenses of the past.
5.Aspheric Lenses
The surface of aspheric lenses is designed with a different curvature shape than typical lenses. This allows them to be extremely thin and flat, which results in a larger viewing area for the wearer.