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Rodenstock extends lens portfolios


Rodenstock has extended its Superior and Netline ophthalmic lens portfolios. The Superior collection now features extended power ranges in the Progressiv Life Free line, a 1.74 option is available for Progressiv PureLife Free and 1.5 and 1.6 index options have been introduced for the Perfalit MonoPlus lens. Rodenstock lens product manager Debbie Bathgate said the new options meant the company offered 1.74 single vision and progressive options across all lens categories. Additions to the Netline range included the 1.5 D28 Bif, 1.5 and 1.6 SV HSAR+ stock (super hydrophobic coated), 1.6 SV photochromic brown/grey RX and 1.67 Progressive Free L/XS. ‘It’s critical to have a wide-ranging assortment of spectacles that meet all your customers’ requirements, both from a quality and price viewpoint,’ said Bathgate. ‘By providing opticians with an extended range of keenly priced products at the economy end of the market, they can offer customers a complete lens portfolio while still being able to provide them with the quality and excellence.’