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The way to choose photochromic lens


Ms. Hu who is in 300 degrees of myopia comes from Wuyi. Previously, she often takes off glasses on hot days just for beauty, and put on a beautiful flat sunglasses so as to cut out the sunlight. But not now, because she bought a new car, she cannot drive like before "having a blurred vision", otherwise it is too dangerous. But the weather is too hot, and the sun is so strong, it is uncomfortable and dazzling to wear an glasses when going out. What’s more, it is really too distressed for her not wearing sunglasses like the others. Later she heard a friend say that there is now a photochromic lens, both can use as myopia glasses and sunglasses, she went to Jinhua Hospital Department of Ophthalmology optometry to consult.

Unqualified photochromic lens may cause eye diseases

Doctor Tao Lixia, from Jinhua Hospital Department of Ophthalmology optometry, said that for Ms. He, photochromic lens is a good choice. Because it can change color automatically according to the intensity of the sunlight, correct visual acuity, and protect eyes. Thereby, reduce the stimulation and harm of sunlight and ultraviolet to glasses.

But in the purchase of photochromic lens, a lot of people especially like Ms. He are young women, they emphasize on the colors and styles of photochromic lens instead of the visual quality and the practical function of photochromic lens, which is worthy of attention. A pair of unqualified photochromic lens, after wearing, it is easy to lead to distorted distortion, eye fatigue, and also may cause all kinds of eye diseases.

Pay attention to the following points when the choose and buy photochromic lens

Tao Lixia said, in the purchase of photochromic lens, the first thing is choosing the fitting mechanism professional regular purchase, in the purchase of photochromic lens, we can observe from the following points: one is the surface quality of photochromic lens, no scratches, abrasions, hair or pitting. No spots, stripes, stones, lens bubble, crack, transparent in the inside of photochromic lens, and the light should be bright. The second one is the two lenses of photochromic lens must be the same color and have no difference, color should be uniform, can not present several colors. The third one is wearing comfortable, no dizzy bulging, seeing clearly, no deformation. The fourth one is changing fast. The fifth one is having ultraviolet rays protection function.