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Photochromic lens very damage eyesight


Hot summer, young people always like wearing photochromic lens. Some people use photochromic lens to cut out the sunlight, some people use it to increase the sense of fashion. However, medical knowledge tells us that wearing photochromic lens for a long time is more harm than good.

The reason why photochromic lens has color is because photochromic lens containing silver halide photochromic substance that could change according to the change of light intensity. Sunlight, including ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. Visible light become weak after putting on photochromic lens, pupil is in the expanded state for a long time, which makes the quantity of ultraviolet light into the eyes multiply. What’s worse, photochromic lens can cause damage to the eyes.

Now, it is necessary to talk about the disadvantages on photochromic lens in detail. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause corneal edema, and make corneal lose original luster and elasticity. Then, photochromic lens make the pupil decrease visual acuity unresponsive to light and cause vision loss. Long time effect of ultraviolet rays can also lead to crystal hardening and calcification, thereby leads to cataract. Therefore, it is not good to wear photochromic lens for a long time.

In addition, the minority of people are allergic to ultraviolet allergy, which also can cause central retinal inflammation of ocular fundus diseases. These people are not suitable to photochromic lens.

The elderly over the age of 45 are also not suitable to wear photochromic lens, because these people’s vision adaption ability declines gradually. They need adequate light when writing or reading, while bright light will make the color of photochromic lens deepened, the pupil will be expanded, which resulting in the anterior chamber of the eye corner becoming narrow, the real water drainage impeded. It is easy to induced glaucoma if this condition continues for a long time. 600 degrees of myopia who often wear photochromic lens can make the deepening of myopia degree.

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