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Google announced the first batch of industry partners


APX company mainly use Google glasses to develope a live picture of transmission function, named SkyLight. For example, working in the field, the staff can use Google glasses to transmit the scene in the rear of the headquarters of the company to the boss or colleagues.

APX company mainly develop Google glasses in the use of hospital, doctors working. Augmedix is also engaged in the medical industry development, attending doctor can use the Google glasses to inspect the input digital medical records of patients quickly and to avoid the manual input text.

GuidiGo company developed applications for the exhibition hall and museum by using Google glasses. Users in the exhibition can obtain the background information about the exhibition by Google glasses, and played a similar "augmented reality" effect in content.

Wearable-Intelligence company developed the Google glasses for many purposes in many industries, including manufacturing, medical and health care industries and take the initiative to provide relevant information.

CrowdOptic will put Google glasses into in video production use. For example, in a sports event, different users wear glasses, which can record the different angles of the video, and integrate different content of view, which is similar to "Crowdsourcing" to obtain more professional video works.

At present, Google glasses has not yet officially listed, the whole world 1500 testers are available to Google glasses before evaluation, according to media reports, for the general public, the utility function is photographed without hand operation or video recording, such as a mother who just had a child, while holding the the baby, the pictures or video are taken, this is the functoin that traditional digital camera or intelligent mobile phone can not be achieved.

At the same time, another survey showed that, ordinary consumers think Google glasses is not enough valuable, and lack purchasing power. A survey of SOASTA company, and in more than two thousand of Americans survey showed that only 15% of people expressed interest in Google glasses.