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Water of contact lens is not the higher the better


Regular contact lenses often require one or two years after production, inspection, clinical, evaluation process, while poor quality lenses may occur the following phenomenons: real and nominal diameter is inconsistent, or sterilization is not complete, the former may lead to "scraping eyes", discomfort and damage the cornea, the latter may cause corneal infection or even serious consequences. Coloring technology and poor color contact lenses is poor, or color is too large, the optical region is too small, all of these may cause visual effect, when the light is dark, the pupil magnification may see the "ghost in the field".

It is notable that now some of the lens take "high water" as a selling point, but in fact the water content is not the higher the better. High water content of the lens are often large thick, after wearing oxygen permeability is relatively poor. In addition, in air-conditioned room, dry environment will absorb the moisture in the contact lenses, the high water content of varieties will absorb more moisture from the eyes, the eyes will be dry. So before buying, the best way is going to the hospital to monitor your own tear secretion, abd then determine how much water is the most suitable.

Expert proposed that wearing contact lenses must take the professional medical eye examination, including eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, lacrimal, routine examination of fundus and intraocular pressure, in order to find whether there is abnormal eye. Then examined the refractive status, degree, diameter, base curve parameters determine the required lenses, "invisible glasses and frame glasses degree different, each person a desired diameter, base curve are also different." In addition, to choose the regular places to provide qualified lenses and nursing liquid, the purchase must pay attention to quality, product registration certificate and product packaging label whether enterprises meet the requirements or not.